The legacy of silver magpie

How many of you, grandparents, aunts and uncles or godparents wonder what to give the children in your lives every birthday and Christmas. You have to think also about special occasions such as the christening, landmark birthdays or confirmation.

So, inspired by my children, and making use of my experience at Tiffany’s, I have created the Silver Magpie collection to help people find enduring, stylish and well priced presents to give to children, although many would also be cherished by adults.

It has been a joy for me to spend much of the last year sourcing the best British silverware around, much of which is still handmade using traditional techniques and years of expertise, alongside items produced to the highest standard from around the globe. I am delighted to be able to represent some of the most accomplished artists and craftsmen in the world.

Whether you buy a one off piece, or choose to create a collection from the range of gifts offered by Silver Magpie, you will find a quality and style, to last beyond today’s latest fad or craze.

The gifts are affordable, desirable and a lifelong memento of your relationship with the child, and each one comes with a bit of fun for that ‘tear open the parcel’ moment – the marvellous rubber duck.

We’ve categorised the collections by age, gender and utility, but of course they can clearly be intermixed depending on your own ideas and tastes. I hope you enjoy selecting the gifts and creating your own unique collections.

Founder of Silver Magpie