Our unique service - how it works

We provide a number of different services, which when brought together, make The Silver Magpie gift unique.

10 Collections of nearly 200 gifts, starting at £15.

We have created 10 different collections and categorised them for you to see how each collection works, by age. gender and use. You can also create your own collection from across our range of nearly 200 gifts.

  • Baby – For babies only
  • Boys – January to December cufflinks and Dressing Table
  • Girls – Charm Bracelet, Pearls and Dressing Table
  • For All – Tableware, Desk Set, VI Piece and Christmas.

The Rubber Duck

For the children in your lives, you are likely to want to buy them a fun rubber duck, to go into the box with the main gift. This ‘child’s’ present will be loved by everyone at whatever age also!


We have different packaging for Boy or Girl. There is no charge for packaging. Every gift is sent in our Silver Magpie pouch, wrapped in the orange or blue tissue paper in our sturdy distinctive black and white box. Finally it is tied with our Silver Magpie ribbon.

Gift Card

gift cardWe have Silver Magpie gift cards available if you wish to send your own message. Please complete the section on our order form with your message, if you wish us to write this on your behalf. The gift card also shows “How To care for” instructions on the back.

Gift Registry

You can join our free Gift Registry, where we keep a note of

  1. the gift you choose for each child or person;
  2. which duck they receive and
  3. engraving details and style.

If you wish to join this service, please complete the Gift Registry Section during the ordering process. We require the child’s or person’s full name and date of birth. You can then contact us to find out what gifts have been given in the past, in case you have forgotten or in case others have started to buy into the collection.

Please notify us if any of these details change in any way.

Email Reminder

Some of you are very busy and suddenly it is birthday time. We are happy to send you an email, approximately six weeks before the birthday, with suggestions for the next gift, based on what has been received previously.

If you wish to sign up for this service, please leave us:

  1. the full name of the recipient
  2. their date of birth (day/month/year)
  3. your email address

These details can be completed in the Gift Registry Section during the ordering process.

Please notify us if any of these details change, in any way otherwise making contact and keeping track of the individual collection will be difficult.

Engraving – Please see our Engraving page.
Please complete the details on our order form.

Delivery – Please see our Delivery Page.
Please remember that Christmas is a busy time of year and our gifts are handmade.

Tableware Collection