About Silver Magpie


Silver Magpie Silverware is a family run business offering a collection of enduring, stylish and well-priced presents for people looking for gifts for the children in their lives or for other adults, on regular occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.


Buy British

Our silverware comes from traditional silversmiths across England, most of whom work out of Dickensian-old factories surrounded by magnificent Victorian machinery that still works, operated by a team of craftsmen who are looking for and willing to train apprentices to carry on this craft.

Extra-ordinarily, they are mostly family run businesses as are we.  And our jewellery comes from British companies who are proud to be British.

Many of our suppliers are traditional British manuacturers, often hand-crafting their products. They (and we) may well not have a large stock on the shelf ready to send. Please allow up to a week for dispatch. Additionally, note that if you order a large number of one product we may not be able to deliver all of these at the same time.



All of our packaging is made in a factory in The Midlands. In short, we love British brands, supporting UK trade and keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum by buying from Britain.

Even our website hosting is British!  Our cloud servers are in the UK.





Gift Registry

Silver Magpie has been created to give you, parents, grandparents and god-parents a real opportunity to build a collection of valued possessions for chosen friends, family and children. The aim is to buy and build a collection over the years to come.

With this in mind Silver Magpie offers a Gift Registry where the name, date of birth and previous gifts are recorded. You can then contact us to find out what gifts have been given in the past, in case you have forgotten or in case others have started to buy into the collection. We support this also by emailing you recommendations in advance to help choose a suitable gift, the next time.

Our gift registry allows your to add a birthday or anniversary so that we can not only remind you but also suggest some appropriate gift. This is a personal service, not run by computers!