Why a rubber duck?

For the child, there is a bit of extra fun for that “tear open the parcel” moment –  the rubber duck. It came to our attention that toddlers and children could rarely recall what gift they had actually been given a few days or weeks later. But they often played with the large box that it came in; making houses from it or painting it was always fun.

If your spend went on the enduring silver gift or jewellery, the toddler or young child would probably remember the duck collection,regardless, particularly as the collection of different patterned coloured ducks grew.

In short, we can send a different duck each time, to create a “collection within the collection” for only another £5 per duck. Once the child has grown-up, they will be left with your enduring collection of beautiful silver gifts or jewellery to stay with them forever. Equally, whilst bath times are still important, the row of rubber ducks gets bigger and bigger but each one will be remembered and so will you.

Can we buy the duck only?

No, as we only sell British silverware and jewellery from British companies. We wish to promote the lovely traditions and history that come with this industry. But for those of you that have little children (or grown-up adults) who might like a duck, this is an optional extra for £5, to go with the gift.  So, the duck can only go with one of our presents.