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The Romilly Collection is a trendy and elegant edit with a little extra something! Each piece has been hand chosen for a specific reason and added to this section for its sparkle or unique settings and stones. The different coloured stones and metals are the perfect compliment of each other and are brilliant to collect and wear together. This collection is for someone who wants to stand out and dazzle with their earrings and necklaces and be noticed! Shop now to discover the Romilly collection…


The classic collection is a collection put together for staple and everyday pieces. Whether you dress your pieces from day into night or simply never remove them, this edit is perfect for jewellery to fit every occasion. The pieces in themselves are timeless which is why they have been selected for this edit and are very versatile. This means that they will suit anyone and everyone in their own unique way and can be stacked with other jewellery as a complimentary pieces or styled by themselves for more of a statement..


The Mens Collection is a collection selected for the most commonly worn pieces by men. Due to the growing demand of mens jewellery we believe that these pieces will suit every boy or man in their own unique way and can be dressed both up and down for day to day wear or for more of a signature look. Shop now and discover the new mens collection with Silver Magpie….

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Alana Smith

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Randy Crawford

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