birth record rattle


An individual birth record rattle. Please include below the following (below):

Name or initials; Date: (01/01/19 or 1st January 2019);  Weight: in lbs/oz or kgs.

Dimensions 11 × 3.4 cm

It is always nice to reflect on the day you were born and know how much you weighed! Clearly the name and date will not be forgotten. This dumbbell-shaped rattle will get picked up and played with for a long time and so obtain that nice patina. A few dents eventually we imagine. Down the line, it makes for a great keepsake on a shelf, side table or dressing table. This makes for a lovely memento for a new baby or christening gift. The rattle is pre-stamped with a section for Name, Date and Weigh (please supply below!)

The ideal engraving font is a Roman style as these fit best in the given space.


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      The gift is wrapped in our bright tissue paper and comes in Silver Magpie’s beautiful sturdy box, in the distinctive Silver Magpie colours
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      We can send the (smaller) gifts in a faux-suede pouch